Why you should stay in school to win

by Hans Pinckaers

It is my honest belief that our educational system strips young people of their creativity. When you know what the rules are, you end up playing within them, so when you haven’t even read the rulebook, you have no choice but to do things your own way. Sometimes those things don’t work out, but sometimes you do something that would have been considered unacceptable by the old rules, and it works perfectly. You’re considered “disruptive” or “rogue” when in reality, you’re just doing what makes sense in that moment.

Gary Vaynerchuk in “I Failed All My Classes and that’s Why I’m Winning”

I admire the way that Gary presents and most of the things he says make sense. But in my opinion he doesn’t quite hit the nail on the head here. To be truly disruptive you have to know the current rules, know what could be improved and be able to move without the heavy luggage bigger companies generally have. If you try doing things your own way, without learning from the past, you have a high risk of repeating mistakes that already have been made. It is very important to know the “it has always been done this way”-rules in order to disrupt. Disruption happens not when someone doesn’t know the ‘current’ rules, but when they don’t make sense to him. You need the freedom to use other rules, to move quickly – something bigger companies often lack.