Routes/Lines on a MKMapView
(as a MKAnnotationView) – Part 2.5

by Hans Pinckaers

First, I should credit Craig for his example of drawing lines on a MKMapView (, that’s where you can find part 1 and part 2. This post is a teaser of what I am going to post later this month. It’s a improvement on his code and makes overlays on a MKMapView possible without the need to hide it when zooming/panning around.

The performance is pretty good. There is absolutely no lag on the iPhone 3GS, you will notice that panning/zooming around on the iPhone 3G is not that smooth as on the 3GS, but it’s acceptable.

I will publish it here on my blog when my app update is ready and Apple approved it. Will be in a month or so. If you actually found a way of doing this please let me now, I still looking for other ideas.


I do not have a lot of time to write a big blogpost, so I’m just going to post the code:

Download project here.